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What does mine say?


Beyond the Goblin City

A prompt that got entire out of hand. Well done anon! You get >10,000 words of fic!

Beyond the Goblin City

After a horrible night of abuse, Hermann wishes baby Bastian away to the Goblins, little expecting it would come true. Now he has to venture through the Labyrinth to the castle beyond the Goblin City to get it back- and finds a place very different to the one in his storybooks, friends unexpected places, and a Goblin King who is anything but what he appears.

Demon Stacker is too good for Hell, gets banished; Angel Herc fell from Heaven for loving a mortal woman and fathering a child.

It’s not immediately noticeable, but whenever Herc steps to close, Stacker feels his skin prickle, the skin between his shoulderblades strain from holding in his wings.

And Herc- it’s the way his walks, the slightly hunched shoulders. He’s no refugee, like Stacker.

“Are you hurt?” Stacker gets up, setting the teacup aside.

Herc starts, then holds very still, forcing himself straight. His eyes dart to the door, but Chuck is still in the garden, playing with Mako.

“It’s okay.” Stacker says softly. “What happened?”

There is no answer, but Herc closes his eyes, and draws out his wings.

Or what’s left of them.

“Iron teeth-” Stacker breathes, his hand starts out, but his holds it short of touching the bloody, hacked mess. His own wings huddle, shamed.

“I made my choice.”

“I know.” By the republic- what is going on up there? Hell was foul enough but at least you could leave. What is this new horror? “Can we do anything?”

“Not short of cutting them off entirely.”

Stacker hesitates, looks over the thin, stick remains of the bones poking out from Herc’s shoulders. “We could.” He says carefully. “You won’t fly again.”

“I know.” There’s an eternity of pain in his voice, raw, miserable. “I tried. I wanted to save her.”

Stacker rests a hand on his shoulder. He thinks of the flood, of Mako caught in the undertow. Stacker doesn’t know if he had been sent for her or someone else but- he’s known at that moment he had no choice but to break the rules. He had saved her, and the door home and slammed closed beside him.

“At least let’s go to bathroom,” he tries instead, “I can at least clean them, we could find bandages.”

Herc is still for a moment, then lowers his head, nods.

maybe kind of a weird prompt, but… newmann, something where the condom breaks?

“Ah shit.”

Hermann opens an eye. The sex was lovely, but he had been enjoying the afterglow. “Not what one wants to hear after intercourse.”

“Oh, shut up.” Newt groans, and holds up the condom.

It’s notably empty. Hermann shifts, and no, the slickness is not all lubricant. “Ah.”

“My tests should be back from the lab in two days.” Newt groans and throws the ruined condom in the bin, slumping back next to Hermann. “I don’t think I’ve got anything, it that counts for much.”

“I would rather not be working on Breach equations with Chlamydia.”

“I’m pretty sure I don’t have that.” Newt grumbled. “Can’t promise no herpes though.”

Hermann sighs, and rubs his face, “Wonderful.”

“What about you? Do I need to check my dick isn’t gonna turn black and drop off anytime soon?”

“Of course not.” Hermann snaps.

“Well what? When are you getting your tests back anyway?”

Hermann doesn’t answer. Newt stares. “What? Have you at least sent them off?”

No answer. “Dude!” Newt gapes. “That is way not safe! We need to get you tested tomorrow, okay?”

“Oh, how much time do you think I’ve had on romantic liaisons?” Hermann snarls suddenly.

“Well, not much now, but seriously, some things can be dormant for ages, it’s only safe-” Newt trails off, watches Hermann go redder and redder. “No. Really?”

“Shut up.”


“I did not need this.” Hermann sits up, and starts sliding his legs off the side of the bed.

“Wait- no- sorry.” Newt pushes him back down. “Okay, that came out way wrong-”

“You think?”

“You’re just- way sexy dude, I just thought- never mind.”

Hermann sighs, then slumps back on the bed. “However badly expressed that was- thank you. But you are not in the majority.”

“I should be.” Newt pouts.

Hermann smiles wearily. “Thank you for possibly giving me my first STD,” he says dryly. “Do tell me when you know the results.”

Kaiju transformation AU headcanons! Or: here’s a prompt for more of that AU.

Not entirely sure which one, so hope you like this. Anteverse Refugee transfornation au.

“Are you ready?” Hermann sits back and adjusts the recording equipment slung across his double shoulders.

Newt grins and pads over to the side of the deck, looking down over the side into the deep water.

He wasn’t much of a swimmer before all this happened, and now he looks down and it’s as much home now and land is. Hermann doesn’t bother with the ladder and just slides into the water with barely a ripple.

Newt can’t quite restrain the urge to take a deep breath, then jumps off too.

He drops in with a very loud splash. The water is not cold, but sweet, comfortingly cool. Newt kicks, confused and struggles against the spark of panic- which way is up? Which way is air?

Hermann’s hands settle on his shoulders, hold him under the water. “Calm down.” His voice ripples in the water.

Newt chokes, and bubbles escape.


Breathe? He’s underwater- he can’t-

“Look.” Hermann takes a deep breath, his chest expands, he exhales, and a stream of warm water spreads between them.

Newt opens his mouth, and half breathes- half drinks a mouthful of seawater. He coughs, his nose and throat burns and he kicks in a panic, but Hermann holds him still.

“Get the air out,” Hermann continues.

Newt nods, coughs out of the last of the air and draws in a full breath of water and- oh, okay.

The water is heavy in his lungs, he can feel the filters in his lungs open to draw out the oxygen. It’s like having a cool drink and a breath of brisk fresh air at the same time.

Hermann waits until he calms down, then nods, and dives.

Newt draws in a few more breathes to get used to the weird feeling, then turns in the water, thrashes his tail to get himself going, and follows him.

The sea gets darker as they go, but it’s as though the colour just filters out, little by little, leaving a greyscale world around them, Hermann turns to look back at him, and smiles.

Time just seems to slow and stop, the world is still around them, they might be the only ones there, swimming through an endless empty void. It should be scary, but it feels- really calm, Newt wonders if they could just curl up together here and go to sleep, and see where they end up in the morning.

Beneath them, lights flicker and flare.

“Look.” Hermann’s voice comes flat and dull in the crushing weight of the deep. Newt nods.

They don’t need to go much further, as few more strokes down and a huge, questioning presence rises in their minds, surfacing like some- giant island or impossible whale, and a huge, blue eye blinks open beside them, larger than both of them put together.

“Hi.” Newt manages.

The eye blinks, then the Kaiju decides they are not to worry about, and sinks back down into the depths. Hermann dives after it, and latches onto it’s back, motioning for Newt to follow.

So close, the water is warm for the Kaiju’s body heat. Newt clings to it’s back as it swims down into the great rift below them.

“Here.” Hermann climbs back up to him, carrying a skinmite by one leg. He smiles, and Newt smiles back.

The Kaiju settles down in the rift. Newt sets his claws into the skinmite’s plates, and pulls it open. The water tastes sweet and hot from its blood. Newt lowers his head, and bites into the slick, crunchy thing.

It’s not totally what Newt’s used to as a picnic, but it’s not half bad.



i’m absolutely screaming my 6th graders had to write essays about their favorite celebrities and one girl wrote hers about abraham lincoln

please remember that i don’t live in america, this is a 12 year old korean girl and when asked about her favorite celebrity her mind automatically jumped to the 16th president of the united states

I live in Hong Kong and so many of my students are really into Barack Obama…