Kaiju transformation AU headcanons! Or: here’s a prompt for more of that AU.

Not entirely sure which one, so hope you like this. Anteverse Refugee transfornation au.

“Are you ready?” Hermann sits back and adjusts the recording equipment slung across his double shoulders.

Newt grins and pads over to the side of the deck, looking down over the side into the deep water.

He wasn’t much of a swimmer before all this happened, and now he looks down and it’s as much home now and land is. Hermann doesn’t bother with the ladder and just slides into the water with barely a ripple.

Newt can’t quite restrain the urge to take a deep breath, then jumps off too.

He drops in with a very loud splash. The water is not cold, but sweet, comfortingly cool. Newt kicks, confused and struggles against the spark of panic- which way is up? Which way is air?

Hermann’s hands settle on his shoulders, hold him under the water. “Calm down.” His voice ripples in the water.

Newt chokes, and bubbles escape.


Breathe? He’s underwater- he can’t-

“Look.” Hermann takes a deep breath, his chest expands, he exhales, and a stream of warm water spreads between them.

Newt opens his mouth, and half breathes- half drinks a mouthful of seawater. He coughs, his nose and throat burns and he kicks in a panic, but Hermann holds him still.

“Get the air out,” Hermann continues.

Newt nods, coughs out of the last of the air and draws in a full breath of water and- oh, okay.

The water is heavy in his lungs, he can feel the filters in his lungs open to draw out the oxygen. It’s like having a cool drink and a breath of brisk fresh air at the same time.

Hermann waits until he calms down, then nods, and dives.

Newt draws in a few more breathes to get used to the weird feeling, then turns in the water, thrashes his tail to get himself going, and follows him.

The sea gets darker as they go, but it’s as though the colour just filters out, little by little, leaving a greyscale world around them, Hermann turns to look back at him, and smiles.

Time just seems to slow and stop, the world is still around them, they might be the only ones there, swimming through an endless empty void. It should be scary, but it feels- really calm, Newt wonders if they could just curl up together here and go to sleep, and see where they end up in the morning.

Beneath them, lights flicker and flare.

“Look.” Hermann’s voice comes flat and dull in the crushing weight of the deep. Newt nods.

They don’t need to go much further, as few more strokes down and a huge, questioning presence rises in their minds, surfacing like some- giant island or impossible whale, and a huge, blue eye blinks open beside them, larger than both of them put together.

“Hi.” Newt manages.

The eye blinks, then the Kaiju decides they are not to worry about, and sinks back down into the depths. Hermann dives after it, and latches onto it’s back, motioning for Newt to follow.

So close, the water is warm for the Kaiju’s body heat. Newt clings to it’s back as it swims down into the great rift below them.

“Here.” Hermann climbs back up to him, carrying a skinmite by one leg. He smiles, and Newt smiles back.

The Kaiju settles down in the rift. Newt sets his claws into the skinmite’s plates, and pulls it open. The water tastes sweet and hot from its blood. Newt lowers his head, and bites into the slick, crunchy thing.

It’s not totally what Newt’s used to as a picnic, but it’s not half bad.


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