Mako and Stacker bonding in Any of your universes!

Atlantic Rim

It’s a perfect little model of Seirra Fox, Stacker holds it up to his eyes, awed by the sheer detail of it, every curve and nick rendered in the tiny metal parts.

“I am about to start a new one.” Ms Mori waves a hand over her casting equipment and tools. “Would you like to help?”

Stacker starts up, nearly drops the model. “Yes please!” Ms Mori smiles.

“Very good.” She rolls out a stack of designs, “I have some plans for Solo Shogun. Would you like to help me cast the parts?”

Stacker nods furiously.

Ms Mori makes him wear leather gloves and protective goggles before she’ll let him near the crucibles, but Stacker doesn’t protest. He’s not about to spoil this, even though he’s pretty sure his hand are steady enough not to need the protection.

But then, he pours the molten metal into the sand mould and it spits and snaps at him so fiercely he almost drops the crucible. The hot metal splatters against his glove, he can feel the heat of it even through the thick leather.

Ms Mori is watching him carefully, she smiles and nods as he finished pouring the metal. “That is very good work.”

Stacker blushes, pulls the goggles off his face. Ms Mori holds out her hand and he hands them to her. “I will do the more difficult casting, and then we will wait for it to cool.” She glances at him again, seems, for just a moment, uncertain.

Then it’s gone, and Stacker is sure he’s imagined it. He doesn’t think she could ever been uncertain. “Would you like to join me for lunch while we wait?”

Stacker nods again, so hard he half expects his head to roll off.


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