Can we see more of trans hermann and trans newt just being happy together?

“Morning,” Newt leans in to kiss him,

Hermann bats him away, “Shave first,”

Newt presses his cheek against Hermann’s, Hermann yelps and pulls away, rubbing his raw skin. “Go away!”

newt laughs, “You’re just jealous.”

“Of course, I could not possibly be annoyed at being- assaulted, at nine in the morning.” All the same, he cannot help but rub his fingers over the smooth skin of his face. Even after taking T for fifteen years, he only needs to shave once a week, if that.

Newt, that bastard, starts to get stubble after twelve hours. He grins at Hermann, smug behind his bristles. “You love it.”

“Go and shave,” Hermann sighs, sliding his legs out.

“Wanna join me in the shower?” Newt sidles into the bathroom.

“I’ll let you finishing your ablations first,” Hermann stretches, feels the skin pull tight against the scar tissue on his chest. It feels good. No more binding, no more loose clothes. He could go to the swimming pool or the beach-

“Don’t want beard burn on your cock?”

“Ass,” Hermann yawns. He waits a few minutes, until the steam comes billowing out from the shower, before getting up and stripping off his underwear, and joining him.

Newt has soaped up his face, has shaved around his throat and neck, and is struggling around his mouth in the steamed up mirror.

“Let me.” Hermann sighs, and slides into the hot shower. He takes the razor from Newt.”

“You just want an excuse to shave.”

“I’m sick of being scratched because you cannot be bothered.” Hermann takes the razor, and works quickly around his face, clearing up a few lost patches of stubble and rounding his chin.

“I’m not complaining.” Newt smiles, Hermann pulls his face flat to iron out the dimples.

“Be silent.”

There, Newt’s face is pink and smooth, Hermann strokes his cheek, and then bends down for a sweet, soap-scented kiss.


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