The last person you texted, the protagonist of the last TV show you watched, and your icon are now your companions during the zombie apocalypse






Are you gonna survive?

My boyfriend, Captain Flint (Black Sails) and the entirety of the Enterprise’s senior staff (Star Trek: TOS). Seems my chances and company will be pretty good. (As long as we all do what Flint says and Kirk will lay off being called captain for a while).

hell yes! i got aos spock and kirk (icon) and tos spock and kirk (tv show) and the last person i texted was @missbamf. holy shit, i am totally going to survive zombie mayhem.

@aro-ackermans you’re in the zombie apocalypse with Jim Kirk, myself, and a hella gay cup of coffee with a sparkly bendy straw

@johnnyfuckingappleseed you’re fighting zombies w

ith Hiccup and a huge ass snake. Good luck, my love!

My husband, a skull rock from Mars and Bertie Wooster. This sounds like the start of a joke…


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