More bigender boobed nerds, please!

On guy days, it’s not great, packing and binding so they can feel normal. On Girl days though-

Newt stretches happily, looks at herself in the mirror. Yep, her brain informs her, that’s you.

“Wanna match today?” He turns to their wardrobe.

“What were you thinking?” Hermine sits up, her brown hair flyaway and light around her face.

“The poppy dress for me and the blue one for you?”

“Forget-me-nots,” Hermine corrects, smiles. “That sounds- lovely, my dear.”

She slides her long legs out of the bed and while- yeah, Newt does kinda miss her cock, she does have the best clit anyone could possibly want to go down on.

Newt throws the dresses over the back of her desk chair, and falls to her knees to indulge herself.

When Newt unhooks Hermine’s legs from around her neck, licks the sweet taste out of her mouth and presses a kiss to Hermine’s trembling belly. “Wanna go out, babe?”

“Yes.” Hermine breathes, looks up, “Was that a crafty ruse to get me to pay for breakfast?”

“A really taste ruse,” Newt agrees, gets up. “Wanna use the shower first?”

Hermine gets up, and kisses the back of her neck, “Are you angling for lunch too?”

“I’m hoping we’re going to that park place.” Newt shrugs.

“Shameless.” Hermine kisses her again. “You want those blueberry smoothies again, I bet.”

“You know me too well.”

Whatever body they’re in, that’s gonna be true.


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