Raleigh knits Weasley like sweaters for the shatterdome.

Anteverse Refugee

Hermann is looking over the sensor readings- there are a lot of closed Breaches scattered around the Anteverse- when there’s a knock on the door.

The office is only about the size of a cupboard, so he only needs to take a hand off the keyboard to open the door.

“Oh, good evening Ranger Beckett.” Hermann tries a smile. The knitting has meant he no longer just- a kaiju- but he cannot say they are friends. “Can I help you with anything?”

“The log said it was your birthday today.”

Did it? Hermann glances at the calendar. June 9th, so it is. Newt must be planning so kind of surprise back home.

“It is not really my birthday,” he feels he should add. “It’s just- the day I came to Earth. I do not know when my birthday is.”

“Well, anyway. I tried to get the measurements right but-” He pulls out a small package.

Hermann stares at it, and is suddenly acutely aware that he never got Beckett anything for his birthday or, for that matter, knows when it is. “I cannot possibly-”

“It’s not about to fit anyone else.” Becket puts it on Hermann’s desk. “It’s your, okay? It was a fun challenge.”

Hermann touches it, it’s soft, malleable. He smiles, and hooks his claws into the crackling paper to pull it open.

The jumper is smooth and soft, double knit and warm. It’s a dark, simple blue, aa little darker than Hermann’s own colouring. Hermann pulls it open and- it has sleeves.

Four sleeves, with tight little cuffs in ribbed stitch. Hermann tries it on.

“It is good?” Raleigh hesitates at the door.

Hermann hugs himself, the knit is tight enough that it doesn’t catch on his claws, no loose threads to snag. The fit is good under his four arms, and while he has to keep his spine folded down, it feels good.

“It’s wonderful.” he smiles at Raleigh. “Thank you.”

“That’s great.” He hovers another awkward moment. “I’m- glad you like it.” he pauses one more heartbeat, “Knitting club on Thursday again?” 

Hermann smiles again. “That would be very good.”


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