I love that drawing of fem!junkrat, but I think I should inform you that the term ‘genderbend’ is taken as a transexual slur and can be highly offensive to some people





really?! sorry, i didn’t know that…:0  tell me correct term please!

+ahhhh thank you for ask and reply! i think ‘rule63′ is better 😀

Anon is lying.  Genderbending and rule 63 are the same thing.  Genderbending is actually broader because it covers cases where someone is confirmed cis and someone makes them trans in fanworks.

I mean, rule 63 covers all of that too.

I remember when people started using the word “genderbend” and it was SPECIFICALLY to avoid being binarist when talking about fanworks that played with gender. I have seen several people claim it’s offensive but I have never seen anyone explain *why* aside from a vague, “well, some people don’t like it.” It honestly looks to me like those people just straight up don’t like genderbends and want people to stop making them, and the whole vocabulary issue is a red herring.

Also, rule 63 was invented on 4chan specifically for porn, so I have no idea why it is suddenly less offensive than genderbend (which was originally called genderswap until it was pointed out that supported a gender binary and we changed it to genderbend).


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