Dragon hermann and newt raise the dragonlings

In the end, they leave it up to the children to decide. “Would you like to go to school?” Newt looks down at the eager, thoughtful faces turned to him.

“You do not have to,” Hermann puts in, “We can call in tutors and have you taught here.”

“But Mako, Raleigh and Chuck all go to the school, and you’d be int he same year,” Newt continues, giving Hermann a sharp look. “So- think about it.”

They get a chorus of nods, and the children curl up and burrow into their hoard.

“Just because you had a shit time-” Newt growls to Hermann.

“And just because you enjoyed school doesn’t mean they will.” Hermann growls. “Besides, didn’t you tell me you had no friends?”

That stings. “I met other- nonhumans.” Newt snaps back, “I wouldn’t otherwise, that was pretty important.”

Hermann huffs, but seems inclined to let it go. The children have been keeping them up. “And you’ll get more rest if they’re tired out at school,” Newt adds.

“They will decide.” Hermann says finally, “At least they won’t be alone.”

“And Mako will look after them.”

Hermann sighs, and rests his head on the hoard, closing his eyes. Newt pads up beside him, and nuzzles him. “It’s okay. We’ll be there if anyone gives them trouble.”

“There’s only so much we can do.” Hermann murmurs.

Newt covers him with a wing, and Hermann pulls in a little closer. “We can go the tutoring route if it goes wrong.”

Hermann is still for a moment, then nods, very slightly.

And when the children agree they would like to try school. He smiles and is able to seem happy.


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