oohh, so many AUs! can i do multiple? Yith!dad AU and Dragon King AU (any version) and Hobbit AU 5+ please!

Yith!dad au

1- The Yith was a bit annoyed by having to take care of Hermann at first, but then Hermann proved himself helpful, and after talking with Monica he’s taken human child-raising customs as a research point.

2- Only Monica knows Lars is a Yith, everyone else thinks Lars is just a human with an interest in unknowable mysteries.

3- The real Lars has been locked up in a tower for the last few months after repeatedly assaulting other Yiths.

4- The Yith has been trying to be more ‘touchy’ with Hermann, it being apparently important for parents to hug children and express such physical affection. It’s debatable which of them felt more awkward and uncomfortable.

5- The Yith has another reason for having Hermannn make friends with the Deep Ones.  He hopes they will take him in and make him one of them, because they live forever, and so do Yiths, and the thought of Hermann growing old and dying is becoming more unbearable by the day.


Dragon King!AU (Dragon Hermann)

1- Although Hermann does tell them about the abuse he suffered in the south, he finds it hard to explain that the worst of it wasn’t the pain, but how it felt to be treated, day after day, month after month, years after year, like some utterly worthless animal.

2- Bastian had cared for Hermann to begin with, but as he grew up the prejudices of his world told, and he joined int he abuse to get approval from Lars and Karla.

3- Hermann was threatened with marriage to the north sicne he was very young. It was the only thing which kept him going.

4- Hermann still has nightmares about it, sometimes. He wakes up shivering, but Newt is there, and the fire in his belly, the strengthening wings on his back, and the bad dreams get a little further away every time.

5- Yarila had three eggs once. She was forced to leave one behind in her flight, and another was shot on her way out. Brelin’s egg was cracked too, but she was old enough to be able to survive.



1- Hermann has a lair several miles away, in a cluster of mountains. He doesn’t spend much time there at first, but over time, he starts bringing Newt there, and then they started to alternate.

2- Tendo still tries to keep contact with Newt, but it does disturb him that Newt is able to be friends with- well, Hermann. There’s too much bad blood still there.

3- Hermann doesn’t actually know he has the Hearthstone in his chest. He never knew he had a weak spot int he first place. No dragons ever do, it takes trusting someone else to know about it.

4- Newt started getting his tattoos before he really started suffering from his OCD, when it started kickking in, he used it almost as therapy.

Neither Newt or Hermann are quite over their issues. It’s not hurting them so often now, but they both know it’s there, waiting.


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