Any/all dragon AUs for the 5 headcanons thing?

Urban fantasy dragon au

1- Dragons are solitary creatures, and Hermann’s family was dysfunctional enough to put him off most dragons, but Newt…

Newt was different.

2- Newt, on the other hand, was raised by humans and didn’t even realise Hermann was treating him differently.

3-  Hermann’s territory borders on Stacker’s pack’s. It’s a little awkward sometimes, but they know bettter than to bother dragons.

4- Since Newt has moved in with him, Hermnn’s lake has become home to a host of Newt’s aquatic experiments. Hermann usually ignores them, but was rather irritated when his trout numbers started to fall.

5- People know vaguely about mythical creatures living in their world, but there are hidden enough it’s often hard to know straight away who they were. Most people won’t want the issue of being known.


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