Raleigh is a secret champion baker.

Anteverse refugee au

“Did they actually approve the license?” Hermann leans over to Tendo, who shrugs.

“A bit far to send lawyers.”

Hermann nods, fair enough. It’s not like this is being broadcast anywhere other than Youtube anyway. He checks the cameras are running and smiles at the lens.

“Greetings from the Anteverse,” he nods, “And welcome to the first Anteverse Bake Off.”

It’s silly, but it’s the first time they’ve been able to get nice ingredients through the Breach and Raleigh mentioned it was his favourite show and when Tendo heard of it, everything just rather… snowballed.

Newt grins from over his bowl. “Aren’t you gonna be a bit biased?” he stands on tip-toes for a kiss.

“I’m not judging.” That will be decided by Mako. “Just presenting, what are you making?”

“Red velvet cupcakes,” Newt licks the spoon teasingly, “And I’m icing them like Kaiju, look-” he holds up a few sketches, Hermann recognises Trespasser, Otachi and Hardship.

“I wonder what they would say about being cupcakes?” Hermann smiles. Honestly, they’d probably like it.

Chris is making Jaeger themed cupcakes, unsurprisingly. Diane is icing hers like flying saucers, which really is very fun. Kal is flavouring hers with rosewater, which smells nice at least.

Raleigh’s a surprise though.

“I was under the impression this was a spoof?” Hermann cocks his head. “Not to be taken seriously?” He hazards.

“No reason not to have fun.” Raleigh says lightly, carefully icing a cupcake. “I’m doing a different classic dessert for each one.”

He’s got a tiramisu one, a rum baba one- the smell of which sends Hermann reeling- a victoria sponge and a sticky toffee one- all different.

“I think you might have won.” Hermann blinks, steps back as Raleigh all but sprints between the cupcakes, decorating, drizzling syrups, injecting jam, smothering in chocolate.

The crowd around the five contestants is starting to congregate around Raleigh’s oven, readying themselves for the sprint after Mako had done the judging. Hermann backs away warily to avoid being run over.

Diane’s cupcakes are a bit soggy- but look great. Kal’s are very neat and uniform, she’s even manage to approximate a rose with some stewed apples. Chris is meticulously icing his first batch when Hermann sniffs the air.

He can’t catch most of the smells of melting sugar and chocolate, but this- this he can smell. It smells good.

That can only mean one thing.

“Someone’s cakes are burning.” He looks around.

Chris goes pale, and dashes to his oven, opening the door to a column of black smoke that makes everyone choke. His second batch are a write off.

For most people at least.

Hermann sniffs in anticipation as Chris despondently drops them on the tabletop, the little carbonised things bouncing out of their moulds.

“Help yourself.” Chris sighs.

Hermann picks one up and bites in. It goes crunch and a burnt bitterness of blackened caramel and scorched sugar breaks over his tongue. “You have my vote.”

“Thanks.” Chris slumps, looks around at Raleigh’s meticulously arranged array. “I give up.”

The outcome isn’t really in question- although Newt’s red velvet kaijucakes get a surprise third place after Kal’s rosecakes. Raleigh flushes and grins, as Mako lifts the tray to announce him the winner- before the kitchen is swamped by the impatient and hungry audience.

“They were nice.” Newt pouts.

“Obviously everyone thinks so.” Alison has managed to snatch Trespasser from under Tendo’s nose and is running away while scarfing it down. Hermann is glad no one is eager for Chris’ burnt delicacies.

“You really like them?” Chris looks at him over his cake. Raleigh had rescued the rum baba for him.

“Lovely.” Hermann nods firmly. “Delicious.”

“So, since this is the Anteverse Bake Off and you’re from the Anteverse…” Chris hazards. “Do I technically win?”

“I would vote for you.” Hermann picks up the next cake, it’s got the remains of Coyote Tango’s design on it.


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