kayyasha submitted: I’d love to see some more dragon!Herman dealing with his anxiety

They will lead the first patrol. Hermann and Newt- and the General.

General Pentecost is no longer in his ceremonial uniform, the bright colours exchanged for a sort of dark, dun yellow that matches Major Hercules’ hide. He crouches between Hermann and the General, and Hermann is uncomfortably aware of how they had last met.

“We’re sorry-” Hercules says gruffly. Hermann shakes his head and turns away. It’s not their fault. He cannot blame Hercules, and even Stacker had been trying his best. He is simply- well. He is how he is.

Newt extends a wing, Stacker takes a step towards him and Hermann has to struggle to hold his ground, not to duck into the opened comfort.

“Prince.” Stacker stops a few paces away. “Thank you.”

Hermann looks at him, uncertain.

“I know you have not had the- best impression, of my kind.” He continues. “But understand- many of us hate what the South does as much as you do. You have given us an excuse to act, to take the actions we’ve always wanted to.”

Hermann looks at him, wondering if that could ever be true, how he could possibly understand-

But then Hercules extends a wing over him, a tail sweeping around his legs.

It’s like Newt does to him. Hermann looks at Stacker and- oh.

He looks at Newt, is that even- possible?

Newt nuzzles him gently. Hermann looks at Stacker- he doesn’t understand it but maybe-

Stacker rests a hand on Hercules’ wing-tip.

Maybe he might understand, after all.

“It’s just a preliminary tour.” Hercules rumbles, “We won’t be seeing much and- it shouldn’t take so long.” His dark, weary eyes rest on Hermann.

Hermann takes a breath. “I think I could manage it.”


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