if you want a prompt: something about newt and hermann trying to have sex while drifting sometime. because why not be reckless and freaky, right?

Hivemind AU

It’s almost too much. They’ve taken to sticking a nail into the headboard so they can press a hand against it when they’re too close.

Hermann arches his head back, trembling, the nail tip draws a long line of blood across his palm and the sharp, snapping pain pulls them both back, keeping them from coming too fast even as Newt settles fully inside him.

Hermann groans, and Newt feels it reverberate inside him, even as he feels Hermann clench around him, as he feels his own cock inside Hermann and Hermann’s cock in his hand and the pleasure echoing and reflecting within them as in an endless hall of mirrors climbing and cresting until Newt presses his own palm against the nail to keep himself here, to hold it back just a little longer.

Hermann arches his back, drives himself further against Newt, pulling him further inside him, taut and tight and pressing just- just there. Oh yes.

Even with the tight pain in both their hands, it’s too much. Barely a few seconds within each other and they come in the same heartbeat. A white eclipse of pleasure and light and flashing stars.

Newt doesn’t move, stays there, still inside Hermann, feels his body, slick with sweat and reverberating with rapid heartbeats. His body. Newt’s body. Theirs. Not a breath between them. One. Whole.


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