Hi, may I prompt for hobbit!au? Does Hermann get more for his hoard? How do they go about their interspecies sexy times? :grinsblush: apologies in advance if I am doing any of this wrongly -first time prompting in tumblr ^^

No problem! Usually just go on my page and click the ‘ask’ button, I’ve changed some of the colours so maybe it’ll work now.

Here,” Newt hops down beside Hermann, “I got you a surprise.”

Hermann lifts his long narrow head from their nest of blankets, blinks lazy eyes at him, “Do tell,” he rumbles.

Newt slips down next to him, strokes a hand over his back. The fines scales are smooth under his hands, his hand skates over the impossibly complicated structure of muscles and tendons anchoring his wings and shoulders.

Hermann sighs, and rests his head in Newt’s lap.

“So I looked in at the shop- they’ve had some trade from the south, and I put in a bit of the money we made for clearing out that snow and-” Newt pulls out a tangle of strange chain that makes Hermann perk up.

He looks into Hermann’s eyes carefully as he hands him the tangle of chain, watching for any tension of panic like last time. There’s a flicker of- something, but he blinks, and it’s gone. He spreads the masses of fine chains between his hands, those long, delicate, claw-tipped hands. Newt swallows.

Hermann looks up, and smiles. He knows what he is thinking. He forms a loop in the chain, and hooks it behind Newt’s neck, pulling him down.

Newt closes his eyes, kisses him.

It’s never quite normal, their mouths are not quite the right shape to fit together, there’s always a bite of tooth and scale, Newt’s lips slipping wetly over Hermann’s hot, dry ones.

But it’s bright, sweet and fierce, tastes of smoke and flame. Newt sinks down beside him, feels the chains slip down around him, tying them together. Hermann’s claws slip hungrily across his belly, Newt’s feet slide in between his legs, feels the lash of Hermann’s tail as he settles down beside him.

Hermann hunches over him, so bright, so beautiful. Newt tilts his head up and meets the next kiss as Hermann settles on top of him, claws lightly digging in, weight solid and boiling with heat as though Newt was the hoard he longed to claim.


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