An au of an au; hermann goes deaf during their drift

Newt smiles, and cranks up the volume.

Hermann closes his eyes, and rests his hand on the pounding speakers. So loud, and the vibrations beat and tremble and he can almost hear it, can remember each beat and rumble of the music and read it in the speakers jump.

Newt has his headphones on to cut out the din Hermann cannot hear any more. “Good you’re already deaf,” he awkwardly signs.

Hermann smiles sadly, glad at least that he isn’t using the opportunity to rub it in, after so many years of predicting Newt would go deaf while listening to his ear-splitting music- well.

He closes his eyes and lets the trembling thunder fill him, listen to the music through his bones- and wasn’t hearing just that, tiny bones inside the ear? This is the same, just- more primitive.

He beats his fingers against the speakers, feels those slight taps reverberate through his arm and join those rattling within his chest. He taps harder, feeling the rhythm.

“You want drums?” Newt signs, grinning, “We could totally make a band.”

Hermann is about to scoff, but- well, he wouldn’t have to listen to Newt’s noise, and while he’d certainly never liked drums- they do seem to have a certain charm now, imagining how it would feel. 

A world of vibrations, under his hands.


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