may i prompt something? Where both of them are modern-day urban magicians??? or something like that? just doing adorkable magic things in the lab or in their daily lives. What kind of magic each of them uses etc etc (the prompt is for newmann but you can include the others too! i love everyone in pacrim)

Sequel to my Addam’s family fics: ,

The stars say they’ll be meeting new friends this week, so Hermann isn’t too surprised to find an invitation in the mail.

It takes a little while to decipher, as it’s in Latin. However, Hermann remembers enough from school to pick out that this is an invitation to next door’s dinner party. There’s something about bringing a burnt offering too. Hermann glances around and wonders if one of Newton’s execrable CD’s might be accepted.

“Sounds fun,” Newt agrees. “I’d really like to ask where we can get half the ingredients for potions, I really want to try the far-seeing spell but how do you get dragon’s tears? They don’t stock them on Amazon.”

Clothing is another issue. Hermann examines their wardrobe, wondering what would be acceptable wear for a dinner party thrown by dark wizards.

“Wear the black one,” Newt’s pulling out his ridiculously tight black trousers and leather jacket.

Hermann’s lips pinch. “That would hardly be appropriate- we hardly know them- and don’t wear that!”

“It looks like a robe,” Newt fires back, “They’re probably all wearing them.” At least he pulls the jacket back, and pulls out a somewhat nicer black shirt.

Hermann hesitates, fingers hovering over the dress. Newt sighs and gets up, pulling the dress off the hanger and pushing it into Hermann’s arms. “Come on, wear it and I’ll try and match you for fanciness, okay?”

Hermann looks down at the heavy black velvet, almost blue, in his arms. Then sighs and gives in.

He adds a black ribbon around his neck as a last touch, then they head out and across to the strange, rattling house next door.


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