Writing Avengers for S,L & R

Loki: bow before me!

Tony: Wow he’s scared.

Steve: I’m pretty sure he’s being an idiot.

Tony: Nah, he’s scared. Like, shitting himself scared.

Loki: I fear nothing!

Tony Keep telling yourself that.

Loki: My army will destroy you!

Tony: After strapping you to the first rocket they fire.

Loki: What do you know about it?!

Tony: Been there, done that.

Loki: oh odin i’m gonna die

Tony: You could side with us and, you know, not die.

Loki: Puny mortals! I am a God! I do not need….

Tony: Wow that’s a big army.

Loki: oh shit oh shit oh shit


Natasha: Hey, how about we just go to Stark’s Tower the moment we worked out that’s where Loki was going, instead of bitching around the helicarrier for hours?

Rhodey: Makes sense.

Steve: Yup.

Bruce: I’m on board with that.


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