Severe Disability au – the happy ending? I’m such a sucker for their tender moments…

After the endless limits of his old flat, it’s astonishing how much he can do simply with a flat tailored to his needs.

The bath, for example. He’d been used to needing help in an out, or even to reach the little seat for his shower. he hadn’t known there were simple little mechanical contraptions that could raise and lower him out of the bath to the press of a button.

He doesn’t need Alexis or Newt to bathe him. He can strip and fill the bath and wash and dry himself- all alone and with the door closed for the first time in years.

And the cooking. He’d through Newt was overdoing it with little labour saving gadgets, but he can now open cans, stir sauces and even just reach the stove. Admittedly the kitchen is rather more Newt’s domain, but he can feed himself.

Even if Newton had to leave to travel or visit overnight- Hermann would be able to manage. He could live in this house, alone, and could cope.

It’s such an insane freedom, after so long, that it almost takes his breath away.

“Aaand-” Newt brings up the web browser, “Ta-daah!”

Hermann stares at the cars. “Newton-”

“Which one do you want? I mean, it’s your money, but I did the research and this place seems reliable-”

“Which ones?” Hermann tries, weakly.

“All of them.”

Hermann stares. The cars are hardly flash, but they are simple, sensible, even attractive in a practical way. Nothing about them screams ‘disabled’.

“You’re actually not hard to cater for.” Newt puts in. “You can still move your legs, so the pedals are just more sensitive, same with the wheels and it’s automatic, so don’t worry about that.”

Hermann nods, in a daze. The cars have space for wheelchairs. He could wheel himself in, fold up the chaiir and slide into the driver’s seat. He could go to the library, go shopping- even go to another city or another country- and be reliant on no one.

The sheer rush of independence takes his breath away.


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