(forgive me if youve already answered this) in Anteverse Refugee, how did Hermann react when Newt first proposed the whole drifting-with-a-kaiju-brain idea?

Hermann freezes as Newt lays out his hideous, insane, revolting plan. He cannot speak, struggling through endless spiels of screaming no no no no never please don’t.

He cannot formulate an argument- let alone an argument that makes sense. When Pentecost shoots him down Hermann has to fight the urge to fall to his knees and beg thank you thank you thank you.

He cannot let another do this- least of all Newt. Sweet, innocent, arrogant and wonderful, the brightest thing he has found in this world, and the thought of the Masters finding him- what they would do to him- his throat closes.

“Do not.” He manages.

Newt scowls at him, “Well, I can’t now, can I? He’s made it pretty fucking clear.”

“You will die.” he won’t. The Masters would not be that kind and the image of Newt- mind burnt out and filled with the claws the orders make his whole body tremble, weak as water.

“We’’re all going to fucking die.” Newt looks away. “Or are your numbers wrong all of a sudden?”

The insult doesn’t so much as ping. Newt is angry, angry but not hopeless and please no please no please no and Hermann has a wild, desperate urge to tear off his skin and kneel at Newt’s feet and beg him not to. Look at him. Look what he became under the orders. Not Newt. Please no.

There are words. Humanity has so many disparate and wonderful languages, surely in one he could find the words to convince Newt without compromising himself?

Every language runs blank, his tongue is frozen in his mouth. His head spins. “Even if it worked-” he croaks- he wants to say it won’t, he wants to say Newt is wasting his time but- he cannot lie. Not to Newt. “You would die.”

“Yeah, you said.” Newt waves him off. “Just go away, alright?”

He doesn’t have a PONS. Hermann clings to that knowledge. Newt cannot do this horror withoutt a Pons and they are all securely locked away and only the technicians have a key. Hermann makes a detour to find Tendo and tell him to never ever every under hell and Kaiju and Master to let Newt have the key.

He hopees that is enough. He hangs onto that frail hope until he opens the laboratory door and sees Newt surrounded by cabled and brain and garbage and no no NO.

Then Newt opens his eyes, and oh thank God thank you thank you to bone and blood and brain and Hermann will happily spill all three just to have Newt there looking at him, still him, still alive in every way that counts.


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