No you don’t understand. I cannot see yellow or green. I have no concept as to what those colors look like. I have trouble distinguishing dark red and black. I can’t see the shades of other colors well, and overall my entire spectrum is distorted. I want these, at least for a minute.

I want this for my bff pls

since ive seen a bit of confusion on this post a few times, just wanted to note you can buy the glasses at

they’re expensive but theyre available to the public

HEY EVERYONE! Yes these “Colorblind Glasses” are REAL and THEY DO WORK! I got them for my boyfriend last Christmas and he immediately knew what they were. He was so excited to try them on and when he did he was speechless. He was never able to see the colors red/purple or the light pastel colors so when he put on the glasses he was momentary frozen in time because of the new colors around him. He started tearing up and asking what those colors were.

To anyone who has someone in there life that is colorblind I guarantee 110% to get these. They used to be REALLY expensive because they’re still fairly new, but they’ve lowered their price by half since release. There is no better feeling in the world to be able to give the gift of COLOR to those who are the most special to you
Its absolutely priceless…

How is this for fully colourblind people, as in they can’t see any colour. Can they help?


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