okay so basically this fuckboy really screwed my sister over, and he straight-up told her that he was going to be able to do as he pleased since “she’s a girl and wouldn’t do anything about it.”

So she basically posed as him on craigslist, using his number and made the above ad. she texted me and asked me to post this on my blog because she knows I have a lot of followers.

“I want this fucker’s phone blowing up for hours.”

I need tumblr to do what tumblr does best, and that’s get the dicks out. show this asshole what happens to misogynistic fuckboys, especially ones who fuck around with my sister.

text this fuckboy. text him the finest dicks available.

ahh yes let’s all sexually harass someone

that’s a fine tactic to fight your battles

combat misogyny with sexual harassment and homophobia

that sounds like something we should all do

Here’s an amazing idea, how about we DON’T fucking harass people. I have no idea what this guy did to your sister, but she’s no better than people who post pics of their ex-girlfriends to revenge porn websites.

End of.


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