sorry it’s so long, but i saw a post on my dash about someone who said they would unfollow anyone who posted screamers, and i felt like compiling this into a list!!

seriously, be nice. april fools’s’s’s’ with the debatable apostrophes is a day for jokes and pranks, not for hurting people. screamers aren’t funny. rick astley is funny because you can close that as soon as you hear the opening chords.

Also can we fuck off with those ‘you’re in a coma this is the only way your family could think to wake you up please wake up’ posts?
not fuckin helpful when you’re already unsure of reality, can trigger depersonalisation/dissociation, awful shit, dont do that. ok thanks

I always liked the French version- Poisson d’Avril. The trick was to stick a paper cut-out of a fish on someone’s back without them noticing.


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