During a recent Kojima Productions press conference, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima responded to questions by journalists about his stance on Western media. Mr Kojima is a well-known fan of Western film but made very clear about his opinion on popular Western television, which continued for almost 30 minutes.

“If I could, I would punch every Superwholock in the throat,” he told journalists, motioning with his hand for emphasis. “All of them.”

More surprisingly is that this appears to be a growing trend among Japanese developers, such as Hayao Miyazaki of “Spirited Away” fame. Shigeru Miyamoto, the much-loved head of Japanese game development company, Nintendo Entertainment, was on record as saying “If I knew my work would be played by Superwholocks, I would have never started making games. [They are] literal trash.” This follows news from Nintendo that they would be introducing new DRM to their games that would search Nintendo consoles for evidence of Sherlock, Supernatural or Doctor Who streaming and permanently disable the console.

This is actually kinda disgusting. Yeah, a lot of Superwholocks can be cringe-worthy, but who gives a flying fuck- so they like a show a lot? So what?
It’s like no one can be enthusiastic about anything before, I mean, goddamn, just let people have fun and mind ya own fucking business.

Can.. Can I just move to Canada? Please?


I never wanted to move to Canada anyway. :’D *Moves to Hawaii*


People are taking this so seriously and I’m cryin rn

Can we not make jokes about men threatening violence on women for daring to like things they think they shouldn’t like? Because that never happens in real life.


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