so much happening here:

  1. Feels a lot like you’re saying all of those things are supposed to be synonyms for “crazy” and “insane,” which is honestly more hurtful to me as a mentally ill person than being called “crazy” or “insane.”
  2. Thanks for starring out the letter A there. If I see those words entirely intact, I’ll probably spin into a manic rage and poop on the floor like a wild animal! Thanks for removing literally one letter so I only have to see 85% of the word, now I don’t have to start foaming at the mouth!
  3. The words “crazy” and “insane” are actually really important words for a lot of mentally ill people, who use it as a necessary shorthand to express concern that our illnesses might be skewing our perceptions of reality. For example, “is it crazy that I’m so worried about this?” is a much more effective thing to say than “is this a legitimate concern, or am I just projecting my own anxieties and paranoia onto the world around me?” Treating “crazy” as an inherently hurtful slur in all contexts (even “just saying it with no context so people know which word you’re talking about” as above) takes away a “real or not real” shorthand from us. 
  4. Seriously this kind of post is so patronizing people stop doing them

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