hey so this is christine royce.

she’s a main companion in the fallout new vegas dlc dead money. she’s explicitly queer, having the option to tell you about once being in a relationship with one of your other (female) companions, and she’s disabled in multiple ways—abusive experiments have given her alexia (the inability to understand written words), gave her panic attack-inducing claustrophobia, and rendered her mute.

the game does, in fact, give us options to exploit her disabilities and kill her off, but she is never once portrayed as anything but a relentless and driven survivor.

if you’re disappointed with how other games have been handling their characters, i strongly advise checking out obsidian entertainment’s fallout new vegas. it’s a few years old, yeah, but it’s a post-apocalyptic video game where your choices actually matter, and christine isn’t the only instance of empowered diversity in it.

1000/10 highly recommended.

When people were debating letting women serve in the military front line last year, I saw quite a few arguing ‘well, it worked at the battle of hoover dam.’

Reoresentation matters, folks.


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