Gryffindors are often those blogs that you see adding their own commentary to every post they make, original or reblogged. They often do this within the actual post itself, rather than in the tags, because that makes it more clear, and that is what they want. Gryffindors want to be noticed, and they want their opinions shared, and blogging is a very simple way to do that. Gryffindors are also very commonly reblogging about issues they care about, and doing this constantly and without any shame. Their strong values come into play with this, and they are this way not only with real life issues but with fandom. If they love a specific movie, ship, or what have you, they will show it; if you feel the need to bash that thing on their dash, you’ll never hear the end of it. Gryffindors being social, also want to have many followers and recognition. Not necessarily to have the most followers (though they appreciate that a lot, also), but because they enjoy having a large array of people in which to speak with. 


Not unlike Gryffindors, what you find on the blog of a Hufflepuff will be what you would find in their heart. They are things they care about, issues or things that may seem trivial but have some form of deeper meaning to them. They will often not express this meaning in a direct and blunt form, because they feel uncomfortable doing that. They mostly want their blog to be a welcoming place, and appreciate every follower they get because they feel as though their blog represents all that they enjoy, and through their followers they feel approval. That said, Hufflepuffs don’t pull punches either, and aren’t going to post about things they don’t care for, or vice versa not speak on things they are concerned with. Everything a hufflepuff does is a piece of them, and that includes blogging. Though they may not be quick to socialize with others, if you are to communicate through a hufflepuff via their blog, they will be incredibly friendly and welcoming to you.


Ravenclaw bloggers do not often let the ideas and views of others get in their way. Ravenclaws are naturally intellectual artists, and everything which they have is a canvas, including a blog. They may not have the busiest blog at times, because they don’t want to reblog or post everything in sight. If they enjoy it, it makes clear sense to them and they find it stimulating, then they will, but they think it through as they do with everything. They are not shy to give their opinions, but they are often a bit more blunt in this area than would be a Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. They will put their most notable points within a post, and leave the details either unsaid or in the tags. A blog to them is what is important, so they don’t want theirs to be at all trivial. Followers are not a large concern for them, but those that they do have they will treat with consideration and accommodation.


Aside from Gryffindors, many more well known blogs on tumblr are run by bloggers whom are Slytherins. This is due to not only their ambition, but their natural ability to impress. Slytherins are very sure to keep with their own ideas, but they will also glitter them to the fullest extent, making them appealing even to the most hesitant of persons. This makes them have a draw that many others enjoy. Slytherins are as strongly into saying what they think as are Gryffindors, however they are a bit more subtle about it. You will often find snakes with a swarm of tags under their posts, because that is where they would rather vent instead of cover a post with words; this counts even more so if said post is a graphic or photoset. Aesthetics is a very pleasant thing, and this means a Slytherin blogger will often be well organize and have everything looking clean and precise. Slytherins enjoy having plenty of followers because it makes them feel more sure in themselves, though they also have no problem losing some if it is for good reason. They have a hard time sugar coating things, but they still do appreciate those who are kind to them, and try to be as cordial as possible. 

I am totally a Gryffindor! I usually score that in sorting quizzes too.


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