I decided to try and draw a Newt every day in August. Here’s the first ten. I think. Uh, the first two might actually be from the end of July, but I can’t for the life of me figure out where the first two days of August are, so I’m just calling it those two.

(Wait! August 1st was this Digimon Newt! Whatever, enjoy the kaiju!Newt jammed in here. Oops, and the yawn picture has already been posted. Oh well.)

I want someone to write Mer!Newt in something now because dear god wow that’s AMAZING. The detail in the tentacles and the spines and his markings! They’re incredible. And now I absolutely want him and Hermann to have dirty dirty tentacle sex putting aside that both blue ringed octopi and lionfish are highly poisonous so they wouldn’t be able to have sex without Hermann dying and nope, enough of that, hot tentacle sex, please.


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