okay so i wrote a partial thing (it’s not finished) and i guess it can be considered a newmann song? but it could also (kinda) be interpreted differently (not really) (who am i kidding this is totally a newmann song)

pls excuse my slight rambling at the beginning/end and yes i am aware i sound like a ten year old


i wander the streets
anxious hands, aching feet
i won’t stop until every monument
is torn down and collected

you warned me not to make this mess
you may not talk to me for the rest
of the week, i am trying
not to think about it

the strangest thing about falling for you
is that it’s the strangest thing i’ll do
in a life full of experiments
i have no hypothesis for this

except that i’ll probably stay the same
insufferable genius with the broken brain
whether or not i get to watch you sleep
but god i hope that you’ll still have me

it’s supposed to have a sort of stream-of-consciousness feel to it so i hope that’s the impression it gives, rather than just a mess of incomprehensible words

also IF this were a newmann song (it is) it’d definitely be from newt’s pov


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