To help make the next Mass Effect Game

Hey, you like Mass Effect right? Of course you do. Because the Mass Effect games are fucking awesome.

BioWare is looking for us fans to answer a few questions and they seriously want know what we think. Head over to SurveyMonkey now and help BioWare make the best Mass Effect game ever.


Maybe if enough people express a need for better female options and story arcs, as well as actual LGBTQIA inclusion as more than just an afterthought they might get the picture. There are some places on the survey where you can voice your opinion on that. It’d be rad if it actually made a change. Bioware seems to be doing pretty well on that front with the new Dragon Age, but to see it in the next Mass Effect game would make me jump for joy.

They’ll ask you to rate story, customization, exploration and combat in order of importance, then you’ll have a box to add your comments. Use that box to tell them how much to want better options for female characters and LGBTQIA peeps.


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