It is NOT okay to be obese.

Before anyone rages at me, let me explain.

I understand that not everyone is going to be ideally thin, it is okay to be a bit above weight, there is nothing wrong with that. But when it comes to the point where it is legitimately obesity, it is not okay. The idea here on tumblr is that all shapes and sizes are beautiful and you’re all perfect. I get why this is said, and I understand and love that a majority of tumblr is supporting strangers around the world and helping them love themselves. That is okay and I agree with that, but what I don’t agree with is telling OBESE people that they are perfect just the way they are. Obesity is a serious problem and it is not okay to sit back and act like everything is okay with being obese because it’s not. I’m not coming from an aesthetic viewpoint on this either, I’m coming from a medical viewpoint. It is not healthy to be obese and it’s not okay to act like everything is fine, because it’s not.

This, exactly. Being obese is unhealthy, but that doesn’t mean you should go around calling obese people landwhales or assume they have poor moral standards due to their weight. People become obese for many reasons, and not all of those are necessarily their fault. Some of them are even mostly outside of their own control, and those people deserve sympathy, not hate. 

Someone said it.

Thank you. Obesity contributed to my mother’s death. If she would have taken better care of herself she might be here today. I’m totally about self love, but when it gets to the point that its causing you severe health problems, it’s time to act and fix the problem.

Self-love should be about loving your healthy self. If it’s not healthy, love yourself enough to try to get it there. I know it’s not always in your control. I know society makes it difficult. But please, take care of yourself first.

Ok yes, but someone else’s body is none of your business so fuck off.

The point of this post is not telling people what to do with their bodies it’s an explanation that obesity isn’t healthy for people and that we shouldn’t tell people that they’re fine the way they are when they’re not. Obesity is a serious issue and it can cause death! These people are trying to be helpful and telling people that they should take care of themselves so that they don’t end up with serious medical issues, and you’re going out of your way to tell them to fuck off for no reason. 

For all those posts out there that are talking about safe sex, birth control, or abortion and educating people about personal health, are you going to tell all of them to fuck off too? What about posts on how to safely use binders? Obviously other people’s bodies are none of their business so they shouldn’t try and educate people about serious issues like birth control, abortion and binder safety. 

Fat does NOT equal Obesity. Don’t come at this post like they’re just talking about being a little heavy or overweight. They’re talking about when person’s size actually begins to start causing serious medical problems! 

Being fat isn’t going to kill you, but being obese IS.  

Unless your someone’s doctor your health is none of their BUSINESS.




So I repeat, fuck off.

In my own country and others, healthcare is provided by the government, and paid for by tax dollars. This means that people who have health problems will be provided for by the money that other people have earned. While I support public healthcare, if people can take precautions so as not to need certain healthcare benefits, it will allow money to be spent on others who have health problems that are out of their control.

This is not only for certain people with an obesity problem- people who have the choice to keep their body healthy, but choose not too are also part of the problem.

So in reality it is everyone’s concern. Even if you live in a country where public health care is not a thing, resources, time, and expertise are used for something that could have been avoided.

Ok, why don’t we kill everyone who’s unhealthy then for money?

Can I just mention how incredibly ableist and screwed up the statement “self-love should be about loving your healthy self” is?

Some people are permanently disabled. Which, by the way, sometimes contributes to them being fat or even obese. I, for instance, have chronic depression and anxiety disorder, GERD, and chronic migraine. On top of that, I have breasts which are large enough to mess with my back and naturally weak knees and ankles, which will likely get worse as I get older. I will never be healthy. Does that mean I should not love myself?

I think it’s more pointing towards the peopke that can do something about it, for the last comment, you can’t help it and cannot do anything about it, so in a sense, you are as healthy as you CAN be, it’s for the people who make themselves obese by their lifestyle choices. By not exercising and only eating insanely fatty foods they make themselves obese, it is their choice, but it is unhealthy and they end up ill because of it. It is their own undoing. Those whose bodies do it by themselves, no matter how much they exercise or how much they control their diet, should not be counted for this as they have no choice.

Or how about we be fuckin’ decent people and not use “health” as an excuse to look down on and discriminate against people

Well if people want to have to deal with health problems when they can’t afford the medication then by all means go ahead but I was just saying that if someone cannot control it then they shouldn’t feel that the finger was being pointed at them. I wasn’t discriminating simply saying that people are choosig whether or not to do things that affect their health a lot of the time and it’s not always a good thing.

It’s discrimination.

Fat people are discrimnated against and treated as subhuman and if you don’t believe me check out thisisthinprivilege

I k ow that they are discriminated against I am saying that the original point of this post was for their health, generally if you mention someones health you are worried about them. I don’t care about image, too many people do, but it costs a lot for medicine and many people cannot afford it therefore taking care of yourself is pretty important. But again, this is only aimed at those who CAN do something about it and not those who have a medical condition that makes it impossible.

That doesn’t fucking matter Jackass, you’re still being discriminatory.

People “can Do something” don’t need your shit either and have no obligation to “do something” you heaping sack of dicks.

Well fine then let them get diabetes and not be able to afford the medication for it and end up seriously ill because they can’t be fucked to get up and try to be a bit healthier to avoid it. Jackass.

You seriously think Fat people deserve to die? Because that is literally what you’re saying.

You’re saying fat people don’t deserve to live unless they get thin.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

I did not say get thin, I said get healthy, there is a difference. Beig morbidly obese can induce cardiac arrest, which commonly causes death. They do not need to become a skinny little thing, they just need to maybe shed a few pounds and be a bit healthier. This will help them not die. And no I do not think they deserve to die because nobody does but it tends to be helpful when people try to avoid dying. I’m done. Goodbye.

“Health” is also BS. Unless you’re soemone’s doctor their health is none of their concern. You’re just using it as an excuse to look down on people & feel superior.

Sorry but people are fat & better people than you’ll ever be, trashbaby.

I met some IRL people like this who were sad because fat people were less likely to die due to medical advances. They were the standard rich fucks who forgot how hard it can be to eat healthily when poor.

I had a few discrete words with the (progressive body positive) women who invited them to her party and I believe they were given a hard lesson in empathy and common sense.


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