i like to think about hermann running out of room on his blackboard but being to In The Zone to erase anything so he just whips out a sharpie and writes the rest on his arms 

The real reason why Hermann won’t get forearm tatts.

oh my god i love this he has to always wear long sleeves b/c the sharpie takes a few days off so if he didn’t wear long sleeves he’d be wandering around with black marks on his arms and look totally crazy and man just imagine newt looking over one day and hermann is doing this and newt is just like what. the. fuck are you /okay/? b/c you are acting totally crazy hermann’s all sniffy like yes of course i am fine newton acting like he isn’t being weird as hell and like newt is overreacting ah you strange science nerd i love you so much you’re so cute hermann gottlieb pacific rim (x)

I love everything to do with this :)))


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