I guess we all should have realized things sooner?????????????

Is that the scene where Steve is talking about not wanting to use weapons or being stubborn? (I only saw the movie once, ok?)

That’s when he got sick of waiting for Tony to hack SHIELD’s computers, and went to find out for himself, only to discover SHIELD was using HYDRA tech. And now we know why.

I caught this on my last rewatch of the Avengers and I nearly peed my pants. I messaged someone in all caps and it was not pretty at all. Ask maskedfangirl. She was there.

And THAT is why he’s so pissed at Fury:  this is the stuff he gave his life to destroy, and SHIELD is keeping it in their weapons’ lockers.

I just went through the movie to see AND IT IS COMPLETELY LEGIT


I thought it was original ww2 Hydra stuff because the Red Skull was the last one to be able to weaponise the tesseracts, and they wanted to study how he did it for weapon production?


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