I made a political cartoon for English class about issues in school

It focuses on how teens are expected to make career defining choices with barely any experience, and also how parents often take so much authority that their child’s decision is not actually their own

If this gets some notes then I’ll make a colored version

thank fucking you. this defines me a few years ago really accurately

oh my god this is so perfect because they expect us to make these lifetime decisions that we usually don’t even want and yet a decision like tattoos that actually mean a lot to us and have meaning are things that are completely out of the question

I don’t know how it is in the US, but the sister of a friend of mine is taking her GCSEs (16 yo exams), and explained it this way: ‘I never took a GCSE in History. I failed my A Level in History. I did a BA in Creative Writing. Then I did an MA in History and got a Merit. What you learn is vital, but in the end, the grades mean nothing in comparison to your life experience.’


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