:Y drew a companion piece to my feral newt pic

feral hermann!!

loved it. Have fic.

Other was angry. The tension rippled through them both, and he felt his shoulders hunch, his back arch as he tried to raise spine and tendrils that were not there. The noise returned, hard thuds and muffled cries from outside. Other spasmed under him, body switchbacking and trying to claw free, to get at the noise. His hands left red marks across the floor, struggling for purchase with claws that were not there.

He didn’t let Other go. He locked their legs together, leant his weight down and purred in Other’s ear, soft, comforting. Safe. Safe here, inside. Other struggled. He had before, when Other had seen him and tried to run. But he’d caught him, run him down and pinned him and held him and purred and hissed to him as the hive between them wove and grew and bound until he was not other but Other, distinguishable from him only in their being two bodies instead of one. One heartbeat in two chests, tasting the same air, breathing the same breaths.

More hammering, they wanted in, those others. Other hissed, coiled up under him, body tight and twisted and aching with the need to move and strike and kill hot as blood in their minds, in their throats, staining eyes and nose and mouth. He kneaded the tangle of cloth beneath his clawless hands, wait, wait. Hide and wait for prey.

They come, unsure, not seeing. Clattering in senseless calls and lights that hurts their raw eyes. They don’t see. He slips off Other, and they crouch in the shadows, blunt teeth bared and readying, hands clawless but strong.


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