19. MI. Size 14.

I was told yesterday that I am too big to wear a crop top so today I wore a crop top in -12 weather just to show how fierce I really am.

You are too fat to wear a crop top. You also have a very low iq if you think being edgy is more important than being warm and decent.

Wow, you seem like such a great person. Wow OMG your opinions. They are dumb. Wow.

At least the lower iq’s seem to run together. Maybe if enough of you try you can make up a decent brain. Or at least a actual sentence. You type like my high school drop out, gold digger aunt. “Wow lol rofl wow lol”

I’m around a size four US standards, I’m 5’9.5 and 135 lbs. I would not be comfortable wearing a crop top, even though I’m thin. I’m not happy with my stomach. I admire her confidence and her ability to wear whatever makes her happy. I don’t know why that should be shamed. 

Because there are things that dont need to be seen. Looking at a fat fupa is not on my to do list. Its human decency.

I believe it was the prophet Mohammed who told his followers to close their goddam eyes if they saw something that upset them.

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments, it means a lot to me. You really are all amazing and I am glad to see there are still decent people out there. I know that it is just ignorance that makes these people so rude so I will continue being kind to the ones who don’t know what they are talking about, I just beg that those who don’t know what they are talking about to educate themselves.

Fuck those twits, you look awesome. What people are wear is their business and no one else’s.Haters only wish they could look as good as you 🙂


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