19. MI. Size 14.

I was told yesterday that I am too big to wear a crop top so today I wore a crop top in -12 weather just to show how fierce I really am.

You are too fat to wear a crop top. You also have a very low iq if you think being edgy is more important than being warm and decent.

Wow, you seem like such a great person. Wow OMG your opinions. They are dumb. Wow.

At least the lower iq’s seem to run together. Maybe if enough of you try you can make up a decent brain. Or at least a actual sentence. You type like my high school drop out, gold digger aunt. “Wow lol rofl wow lol”

I’m around a size four US standards, I’m 5’9.5 and 135 lbs. I would not be comfortable wearing a crop top, even though I’m thin. I’m not happy with my stomach. I admire her confidence and her ability to wear whatever makes her happy. I don’t know why that should be shamed. 

Because there are things that dont need to be seen. Looking at a fat fupa is not on my to do list. Its human decency.

I believe it was the prophet Mohammed who told his followers to close their goddam eyes if they saw something that upset them.


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