The problem with social justice on tumblr is that everyone is too busy focusing on how they are different than acknowledging each others’ problems. While I support cultural diversity, there needs to be less insistence on separating everything by race or sexuality or gender identity or whatever.

There needs to be less focus on who is what race/sexuality. Trying to artificially balance an imbalance only causes the scales to tip the other way! If everyone would just blatantly disregard race and sexuality when making judgments of others things would even out. As Morgan Freeman said, the way to end racism is to “stop talking about it”.

Don’t look for a way to alienate yourself from others; acknowledge your differences and then embrace the things that you share!

tl;dr: Stop trying to be so different.

They consider Morgan Freeman to be an Uncle Tom

To be fair he did say he considered racism in the US to be over, which is about as wrong as you can get.


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