someone who hasn’t read sdr2, explain this picture

Neon Pantsuit checked into a love hotel with Humanstuck!Eridan but when they got to their room they found this 14-year-old boy pretending to be a 1920s mobster and stealing that over-sized upside-down alarm clock. So Pantsuit is calling him out on stealing their clock while Eridan blocks the exit so he can’t escape.

Captain Snazzypirate finally succeeds in seducing the tragically deformed yet charming alarm clock of his dreams.  Despite running away to his little sister’s bedroom to attempt to figure out how to make out with a clock, the intolerant Yellowclothes Mcgee has found the couple, and wastes no time in harassing them for their life choices.  Count Broody von Cowlick stands behind Yellowclothes Mcgee, only backing this judgmental behavior because he feels scorned: for he always loved the alarm clock, but alas could never win her heart, and has now turned to a life of bigotry and scarves to cope with his heartbreak.

“They’re coming!”

“Shutupshutupshutup!” I can get it working I swear-“

"Gentlemen we have less than a minute before the cupids of love break into this room. I would like to be off and away to 1540s Russia before then.”

“We won’t be going anywhere at this rate, hurry up with that thing or they’ll take your other eye!”

“I should never have left Chicago.”


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