Anyone who reblogs this with a load of text trying to justify their shitty actions is only further proving my point, so I dare you.

I fixed a painfully obvious spelling mistake. Please reblog this version.

lmfao this fucking lame reblogged removing my comment well here it is again asshole

white ppl cant be victims of racism and males cant be victims of sexism, but i do believe that whites arent the only ones who uphold racist views, and women arent the only ones who hold up sexist views. however women cant be sexist and PoC cant be racist for the basic fact that racism is racial discrimination enforced with power. Seeing that few PoC have been empowered and even fewer females or trans* ppl have been empowered, you cant exactly say they can be sexist or racist.
yall white males need to stop complaining about racism and sexism.
and before u say im a bitchy black girl with a victim complex, im a white guy, i just have common sense


Lol anyone can be the victims of racism, whites included.

thats where u r mistaken my pal! whites can be victims of //racial discrimination//

but not racism

racism is when u have a person of societal power racially discriminating against someone.

seeing as white dominated society doesnt rlly leave much room for non-whites, PoC, to have societal power, only whites can be racist, and they cant be victims themselves.

Not true at all.

Racism- a belief that is the primary of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

Thus when some one of any race thinks that they are better than any other race, that’s racism.

If you’re being discriminated due to your race, no matter what race that is…its still racism.

ehhhhh i honestly dont agree, just on the basis that white ppl havent experienced half the shit that PoC have

Yeah but its not based on what we’ve experienced.

All forms of racism are still racism. I mean yes PoC have harder times, but no matter what the reason being doesn’t give an excuse for any form of racism.

But how would you feel if lets say you just lost both of your legs, and as you’re at your checkup with your physical therapist, someone who stubbed their toe interrupts your doctor visit demanding medical attention. Wouldn’t you feel annoyed? That’s kinda how white people are when it comes to complaining about racial discrimination. White people haven’t been enslaved on massive skills, attacked on large scales, stripped of their rights to vote, drive, marry, etc. because they’re white. White people just experience some occasional rudeness. Trust me, whites have a fucking joyride compared to PoC.

Yes but that doesn’t mean the person with a minor injury still isn’t hurt.

Basically both people are going to get cared for because they’re hurt. Just like both forms of racism…are still racism, just the person who’s had the biggest injury is going to get the most attention.

Meaning the race who’s been attacked the most…is going to get the most sympathy. Yet the CiS straight white male who just stubbed his toe… Yeah that still hurts. So when you say something discriminating to him…or say his opinion doesn’t matter because of factors that he has no control over, is still discrimination. When really he didn’t create the stereotype…I was just born into it. And you’re trying to preach anti racism, yet think its still okay to discriminate when it comes to a certain group of people?


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