Hermann after Newts first drift.


omg i need to cry a lot about how there are actually loads of subtleties in burn’s portrayal of hermann (and also generally about hermann’s face in this scene HE’S SO WORRIED HIS FACE)

because you know there’s a great deal of exaggeration, such that i saw a tumblr post I wanted badly to punch that said burn gorman overacted and ruined his scenes, and heck when I first saw it, I thought, wow borderline caricature? But, for every “By Jove!!” there’s something like this — that little shake of his head. His quiet “I didn’t know what to do,” and when Stacker yells at him to shut up, he replies “Yes sir” and after that, so quietly, a tiny little “Sorry, sir.” 

He has big eye rolls and big sneering smirks but then, watch his hands, and not just in one of the big fumbling moments. Little nods or head shakes, little gestures, subtle shifts in expression, just AUUUGH he did a lot with his meted screentime (and some might argue too much but they can eat my bright pink boots okok)

tangential aside about how i love that he got Stacker, not only because of his weird yet obvious admiration of the man, because “he didn’t know what to do,” but look, if you look at the time between when he finds Newton and when he grabs Stacker, it’s been quite a bit— so he did whatever he could, got him water, tried to assess, posed for ridiculously homosexual artbook pictures, and perhaps Newton said, no I’m fine, not medical, get Stacker, or just babbling about what he saw and how important it was

and we see Hermann decry it as impossible even though Newton’s just drifted, so like, Newton’s sitting there babbling and probably sounding SO CRAZY and his brain could be fried and just so scrambled for all they know, but HERMANN STILL GETS STACKER by which I mean HE MAKES SURE NEWTON IS HEARD, b/c lbr Stacker can’t help medically anymore than Hermann can, so like even though they have this antagonistic competitive lack of respect and Newton’s just proved HE WAS RIGHT he DID IT aka Hermann was wrong (and book Newt assumes Hermann is sulking over it even when Hermann’s like “I was too busy saving your life” re: going over his recording  :|!!!), and yet there’s no sabotage, when it’d be so easy to, he does the right thing

cries a lot

and yeah his fucking face my life is over 

yet there’s no sabotage, when it’d be so easy to

This is another excellent point why I love the science bros and their relationship with the rest of the PPDC team. They fucking have each others’ backs. Other genre flicks would have these two outright sabotaging each others’ results, or playing god in a way that hurts the rest of the PPDC… if not just killing them off (Newt via Kaiju) or getting some grandiose comeuppance (Hermann with some glaring calculation error). Yet in PacRim, none of that happens and it’s SO DAMNED NICE.

This movie gets compared a lot to Independence Day, and I think about the scientist in that movie:

and I am just NOPE.

Can we just stand and love at how people in Pacific Rim actually DEAL with the fact of OMFG GIANT ALIENS END OF WORLD and act accordingly?

Raleigh: wah wah mope mope angst


Raleigh: Right I knew I was forgetting something, back in the Jaeger!


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