a fedora, and a meme for a cutie mark

I really hope you bronies are proud as to what lengths you’ve pulled this show down to.

is this even possible

i’m actually kind of looking forward to this??? because like

there are people who enjoy MLP, and it’s a nice little show, and then there are the bad fans.

this is a stereotype of a bad fan – overdressed complete with fedora because of an obsession with being “classy”, defined by memes, but


because he’s saying something mean to her, probably obviously so

this isn’t a brony-demanded pony being center stage, this is the show’s writers being all “you see this? this is a bad fan. this is the fan we don’t like. and you can tell that he shouldn’t be here from how rude he is to those people who the show is actually about.” Rarity’s one of the Mane 6, standing in for – y’know – the target audience of children (especially girls).

basically i’m gleeful for this

honestly, rarity is easily the least favorite among the brony set; she’s “girly and feminine,” unabashedly so, and I’ve seen some comments to the tune of her “friendzoning” spike or some nonsense. she’s the one who gets slurs tossed at her the most, and I don’t know if the choice of rarity was deliberate, but it’s appreciated, considering how much shit she gets from the gross brony fuckbags.

I was ambivilent about Bronies until I saw the fan-vid a self-proclaimed brony made of Pinkie Pie evicerating the other ponies in the most disgusting and graphic way ever, and all the commeners who loved it. Then I was like ‘yeah, you people are fucking sick, and this is coming from someone who makes characters get gay!pregnant’

Fuck those guys..


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