These are the first ten comics in a zero-effort, wrote-itself story about my D&D group. Somehow the response I got to this was better than the response I get to 90% of the things I put a lot of effort into. Obviously, this is the precursor to the style you see in the previous comic. 

If you like these, you will be pleased to know that I am collaborating with a very talented artist to bring you more of this style of comic. Don’t worry, the effortless shitty lineart will still be featured, but the fantasy sequences will be stellar. 


more of this please

For my non-tabletop followers; this is exactly how this shit goes.


Now I really want my group to get back to the WW1 Call of Cthulhu game we ran I played a crazy heroic Major modeled on Mad Jack Churchill (without the bagpipes), my friend Kris was a lone sane straight-man private, and Ben was a creepy intelligence officer trying to get us both court-marshalled. When we left it we had yet to kill each other (or myself, in my character’s case), and were waiting for the GM to physically attack Kris for constantly correcting his history.

GM: It’s German tank!

Kris: WTFBBQ there were like only ten of those, and you’re describing a panther.

GM: It’s an experimental tank.

Kris: How the hell does that work it’s thirty years early.

GM: How can you accept fishmen and not tanks?

Me: I charge the tank!

Ben: (scribbling in little book) reckless-assault-on-superior-firepower

GM: *facepalm*


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