I turned into a giant squid of anger at this. I can’t believe this fucker doctor had the nards to just up and blurt that, and there are people who won’t even realize what a fucktruck he is and AGGH. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! If you aren’t super savvy on health insurance, lemme explain you a thing.

A lot of doctors hate health insurance beause it standardizes prices of healthcare. If a doctor accepts an insurance, they have to accept whatever the insurance company pays them. So, you go to a physical, and the doctor says I want $400 for a 15 minute appointment, taking your bloodpressure and checking your reflexes, etc. Insurance company says “Aw hell no, dude. That’s ridiculous. Here’s your approved $75, and you’re gonna like it. And if you dare bill the rest to the patient, we’ll kick your ass into next Wednesday.”

This doctor is saying that he prefers people to not have health insurance. Why? Beacuse then there’s no one to tell him his prices are fucking insane, and you get stuck with a stupidly high bill for everything he does.

This isn’t just some asshat whinging about paperwork. This is pure, unadulterated greed. And it’s utterly sickening. THIS is why Obamacare is getting such pushback, by the way. It makes me ill.

I’m not sure if I reblogged this photoset earlier, but the added commentary is golden and completely on target. I process provider claims for a living and let me tell you what, you have not seen true balls until you’ve seen a doctor charge $3.000 for a procedure or medical equipment that we’re going to pay them maybe $50 for. 

There used to be a hell lot of this in the UK when the NHS was first rolled out. Doctors whining as loud as shit because they would no longer be able to charge 10k and your firstborn for medical treatment.

And that was in the 1940s


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