The series is Anteverse Refugee here: and yeah, Hermann has his own views on Newton’s tattoos, although they’re somewhat ambivalent. On one hand, it’s plain WRONG, the Kaiju were not like that, so brilliant and awe-inspiring. On the other hand, the fact that Newt does see something in the Kaiju worth celebrating is… maybe just a little nice see, that someone might be on his side, or at least willing to listen. But yeah, I am SO happy to talk. This series has eaten my life. I have a small sketch of Kaiju!Hermann here:

Okay so ANYONE WHO LIKED THIS DESIGN should go read Skull-Bearer’s Anteverse refugee series (bolded above for reference)

but what I really want to know is
how in the everloving fuck did we both come up with a four-armed design

like for real man here’s the rest of my design stuff (done in a feverish haze of not enough monster needs more monster):

You did all that before reading my fic??? Holy shit WTF. Do we share a hivemind or Drifted without noticing? Because we seem to share a very specific and particular headcanon for no apparently friggin’ reason. But man, I LOVE this headcanon, there is so much fun to be had with it. Hermann is adorable and I love Newt is just a ball of ‘Holy fuck I am the luckiest guy in two universes.’ So much fun.

What the actual shit though, how did we-
I just really wanted to fuck with his gait, to be honest. It’d make an injured leg all that much more crippling, if he was used to having an extra set of limbs to compensate!
Also I went slightly different to you on the anatomy, but only slightly- the lower arms are set lower down, so their – well, elbows really- serve as a sort of collarbone/shoulder formation under clothes and skin, and his stumpier hands from the lower arms grasp his upper arm just above the elbow, which also serves to add bulk to his upper arm so he doesn’t look like a goddamn scarecrow for having wiry monkey-arms up top. The idea being that they’re good for grasping/climbing, whereas the lower set bear weight better and do more damage.

How though. How did we. I’m still confused.
(*whispers* did you like his fan of tails though)

I actually didn’t know how my Hermann would move until i drew him, then I realised I’d drawn him holding up his secondary arms for a reason: he walks just on his first pair, and keeps the secondary held close to his body so his claws stay sharp- they’re his primary weapons.

Can I ask why your Hermann needs a cane? In my fic it’s a result of long-term starvation (ten years with no food), it’s not that much of a problem when he’s not pretending to be human because it’s a lot easier to get along with a weak leg when you have five good ones.

Whhhhhyyyy did you write that he’d been in pit fights? I swear this is reinforcing my belief in a shared mental space. I want to meet you now and see if we’re long-lost clones or something.

Deleting some of the old stuff so we’re less indented-

My Hermann had his leg nearly bitten through in the pits- and still annihilated the opponent, bleeding and dazed, and three more, thus his selection. The scarring was intense when he was in the form he ended up with in the Pits.
When he started adapting to a more humanoid-compatible shape (the one with the kind of flattened nose but the human-ish face), it should have healed, but the fact that humans are iron-blooded and carbon-based meant that most of his energy was going to minimising the space taken by his gill structures (think axolotls), restructuring his hips, making his lungs compatible – he didn’t have the energy to fix it initially because of the rapid adaptations.
And- well, later on, he STILL didn’t have the energy for it to heal, and the time between his sheds was so short that his body couldn’t manage any further morphological changes. Normally infiltrators can retreat for long enough to adapt closer and closer to the species they’re infiltrating, in my headcanon-y thing, when they do their routine shed-and-regrow, but because Hermann immersed himself- created academic connections, even MARRIED (though that eventually broke off because, y’know, he was secretive and he wouldn’t get naked, refused to, only undid his pants and stuff) – so he didn’t have time to retreat. The form he ended up with before he grew his first human-suit = the one he still has, able to move bipedally or… hexapedally I guess you’d call it, but no chance for his skinny, scarred leg to recover.

Pit fights are because the kaiju who came through were constantly improving- I can’t imagine the Masters, with the immensity of their land we saw in just one glimpse, not testing their creations thoroughly before sending the best through and continuing to try to create improvements for different scenarios. Why wouldn’t that include making the most dangerous and adaptive infiltrators, to gather as much info as possible before discovery and do the most damage when found? 😀

My Hermann can’t change like that. He can grow a second skin, and lock his body into various shapes and can counterfeit a pretty good example of almost any creature roughly of his build. However, this is one reason why my Hermann wears the clothes he does, because under them it is really, really obvious he isn’t human.

How long has your Hermann been on earth? Mine arrived about five years before Trespasser. One of the abilities he has is very fast language comprehension- he learnt Germann in about six hours- which is of course pretty important to pass unnoticed. Part of that also translated into being about to learn computing langauges very quickly, and a few months into his stay on Earth he was able to write a computer algorhythm that basically inserted his identity into the relevant databases. I mean, if people  REALLY wanted to they could probably realise he didn’t exist before 2008, but no one’s ever bothered to look.

This is just too weird. It’s almost kinda hard because I’ve been working, living, breathing this fic since August (yeah, it’s one of those) and having you come out with this is almost… well it’s kinda freaking me out, like you’re going into my brain and pulling the ideas out -only they’re slightly different- and the whole thing is almost creepy. Sorry, I’m a little freaked and I haven’t slept for ages and had too much caffine 🙂


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