so I was just doodling my kaiju!Hermann idea (sorry otachistongue I was doing the throat thing before I found your stuff, I’m sorry)

and then I decided it needed more detail

then shading

then full on sunset light/shadow?

anyway yeah the idea is that there are infiltrator-class kaiju, like Hermann, who adapt over time to be anatomically similar enough to whatever the Masters send them after that, after a couple of months of observation, they can grow a false skin and pass as the species they’re infiltrating to casual observers and it’s all complicated and wonderful and they have to shed sometimes and to conserve resources and keep discreet they redigest the skin by eating it and

I don’t fucking know have kaijuHermann and I’m bed


this is a WIP that I’ll probably abandon bc I’m shitty like that but also because I have no time. It was just meant to be a doodle, not… this. Fuck you very much, Hermann Gottleib Kaiju Edition. Stop making me draw you.

*rubs face all over perfect kaiju!Hermann* Look at his ears. Lookathisears. LOOK AT HIS EARS. 

Ohhhhh why did you have to go talk about his other anatomy in your tags ‘cause now I want visual representation. Yessssss. Because I love this so much. He looks so amazing.

Do we share a headspace or something because I swear that’s my fic series. Complete with infiltrator and skin growing and he even LOOKS like my Hermann holy shit.



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