Eh, I’m gonna post this here since it’s been awhile since I did some kaiju!Newt. I didn’t like my first attempt at a little trade with seraph5, so I started again. I like this one much much better. (I mean LOOK WHAT I GOT IN RETURN. I needed to step up my game.)

When it’s more done there will probably be a little ficlet or something about how Hermann holds Newt while he shifts, and how he can feel the newly formed plates on Newt’s back moving and pushing up and how Newt pushes farther into Hermann’s shoulder as the changes come more painful and more drastic. And how Newt’s new claws dig in to Hermann’s shoulders but he really doesn’t care because Newt just needs him to be there and hold him. And… I’m just gonna stop because I could do this all night.

Oh, I guess then they have some crazy hot sex or something. Because tentacles.


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