“Thanks Dad.”


Had to. After reading one too many (3 actually) sycophant posts of how “Howard loved Tony and left him Stark Industries as his legacy because he loved him so damn much….”. and the ‘comic fans’ are elitist and have it all wrong. No. Just, no.

Howard “created” Tony purely as an heir to carry on “Howard’s” work. Tony created his own damn legacy with iron Man, fuck you very much. 

The only ‘legacy” Howard left Tony was a trunk full of memories of childhood abuse and an alcohol addiction that stemmed right from Howard’s ‘loving’ hands.



I think it also says something, considering everything horrific that Tony’s been through/seen/done in the comics to this point that one of his worst nightmares, (really only on par with the post-Civil War ones where Steve is dead,) revolve around what would happen if he fell off the wagon and started drinking again.

(Disregarding fucking Fraction and what happened in Fear Itself here, for obvious reasons labelled under the heading of ‘bullshit writing’).

And really, who in fucking hell thinks a parent who forces their child to drink hard liquor is a loving parent? I know for the sake of The Big Mouse and a PG-13 rating they skirted rather neatly around the whole ‘abusive fucking bastard’ issue, but there’s more than a mountain of implications in IM1 and 2, (which are generally the result of Robert’s brilliant acting,) that leave no doubt in my mind at least, that movie-Tony and 616-Tony share if not the same back story, then pretty fucking close.

Howard Stark was an abusive dickface of a parent, and I get all twitchy when people try and defend him.


Agreed. Not mention that in the movie Tony says:

“My father never told me he loved me, never even said he liked me”.

If your kid reaches the age of 17 and you haven’t told him you love him, you cannot be seen as father of the fucking year. That and you send him to boarding school when he’s 7!  The fuck is wrong with you Howard?!  Oh, that’s right, Tony never was born to be loved, he was ‘created’ to further your name and be your ocasional punching bag and nothing, absolutely nothing else.


Even though I found IM2 to be a weaker movie than IM1, you see a very profound, disturbing and heartbreaking scene when Tony listens to the old Walt Disney-esque recordings about the Stark Expo. You learn so much about Tony in this small scene. The contempt of his father, his awkwardness in dealing with his father’s legacy, and toxicity of the Mad Men era that was thrust upon a developing child (booze, broads and board meetings).

But the most haunting and heartbreaking scene is when Howard confesses that he’s confined and restrained by the limits of “current" technology. And while many of us see it as a reason for his alcoholism and should feel sorry for him, it’s implied that it’s the reason for the abuse and neglect of his own son. You can tell that Tony is upset, and it’s not because he’s happy that he’s found attention in his father’s eyes. Listen closely.
Howard sounds unemotional and casual about why he’s taping this. It’s not because he believes that Tony will truly change the world. He’s already done that.
Howard sees Tony as a vessel that will carry on his name by changing the world through a discovery that Howard made long ago (“Dead for almost 20 years….Still takin’ me to school”). He sees Tony as a way to carry on his legacy. Tony Stark will always be Howard Stark’s son. And Tony can never escape that.
And the worst part is that Howard calls Tony his greatest creation. Although creation can be attributed to conception, it actually sounds much more awkward and sinister in this context. Creation implies molding, shaping and forcing your will through an object. And creation is also a synonym for invention. Howard sees his son as a living tool that can be bent to his will because he holds the power of creation.
How horrifying is that for an adult to hear?! That your childhood was nothing more than a testing ground for an abusive man’s legacy.
This is why I hate Howard Stark.

I am going to have so much fun with that scene because in Fic From Hell? That spiel isn’t even meant for Tony. Yeah. YEAH. He went back and edited it a few months before he died. This I why I needed Jarvis and the bots to have Plan B to hand, because otherwise Tony might just decide that dying of Palladium poisoning might actually be preferable.

Howard Stark: Worst bastard I have ever written.


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