This is the official post for the SteveTonyFest Gift Exchange!

Remember the Secret Santa posts of December? We’re doing one for Stevetonyfest! Whether you draw art, write fic, or make gifts, you can reblog this post to be assigned someone and have someone assigned to you in return. You can’t reveal who you are until June 14th, when you exchange your Stevetony gifts!

It doesn’t matter what you do, it just has to be a cute Stevetony gift, whether it’s a Stony drawing or a recipe for steve and tony cookies or gifsets of favorite Superhusbands moments in Avengers. This is completely up to you, and up to the person assigned to you.

Just reblog this post to participate, and you should get a message by next weekend, June 1st, about who you’re assigned to. If you don’t have someone by then, message me. Sign up this week so you can have two weeks to prepare your gift.

I need to write SOMETHING besides Fic From Hell…


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