Finally I finish these!!

I have been trying to complete this series since I first saw XMFC last year. I prefer to let them live a happy life cause the original story is so sad!! *CRY*

During I was working on them, I met many cheirk’s  lovers and become friends with them. I am so glad to have the connection with all of them because of our same love to cherik. And I feel happy that my works pleasure them!

My works are going to print as postcards!!XDDD I’m so excited!!They’re only sold in China but I’d love to send them to the cherik’s lovers from other countries in return for all of your works here making me laugh and cry like a lunaticXDDDD

The num. of the postcards




You can tell me the num. of the pic you like and send me your address
via message.Then I will chose one who first send me that num. as the receiver. But I’m so sorry that each type has only ONE receiver. Cause the prints are not  much.

(Maybe no one gets interested in these *sad*

This is too cute to not reblog OTL

These are all adorable!

Reblogging if only for the alarm clock post. LOL Erik you are an arsehole.


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